Are you a web designer or developer who wonders if you are getting paid what you feel your skills are worth? Although earnings will always vary depending on geographical location, basing your skills set and experience on a solid foundation of raw talent is still what really counts in this industry.

With the employment of graphic and web designers set to expand by between 7% and 13% by 2018 this infographic will give you a better idea about the areas in which you should be honing your skills in order to improve your salary.

Infographic depicting web salary trends in the US.

Average Salary for Web Design and Web Developer jobs

Dona Collins is an infographic artist, blogger and financial writer at When she is free you can find her on twitter and other times you can find her writing articles for creditloan blog.

  • web designers

    This is great post for designers to calculate their effort and value. I must say Thanks for sharing with us such a good topic.

  • Zvi Epner

    Often theming for specific CMS platforms, like Drupal, can be even more lucrative.

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  • jackie @ Toronto Web Design and Developer

    I need to go talk to my boss with a print out of this lol.
    Thank you for sharing this infomation.


  • aditia

    keeping up to date with the latest technology will make our salary higher

  • IOM Design

    Interesting article! These wages are looking fairly healthy, good news hey :)

  • SEOMonkeyz

    Totally love it. Will be telling people to read this :)

  • Ajay Karat

    Excellent post, Donna!
    Would really love to see other art professions too

  • desbest

    I want to be a Project Manager so I can be paid for doing absolutely nothing.

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  • duncan gatawa

    Its always great to get a fresh approach from someone with experience.I only started web design afew months ago and most of the time i end up doing so much work for such little pay.Thank you so much for your insight

  • Shanna

    This seems pretty out of date and out of whack. I’d like to see *actual* salaries that are current, broken down geographically and by company type.