There is definitely not a shortage of web design blogs floating around the web, and it’s easy to understand why. Web designers can utilize skills that they already have to get a good looking blog up and running with relative ease. Out of these blogs there are a handful that really stand out in terms of useful content.

Here are some of the most useful web design blogs out there. I’ve excluded big blogs like Smashing Magazine and A List Apart, since most web designers, more than likely, already follow them.


Six Revisions

Vandelay Design Blog

We Function

Just Creative Design

Fuel Your Creativity

Dev Lounge

Outlaw Design Blog

CSS Tricks



Web Resources Depot

Web Designer Wall

  • Roscoe

    Cheers for the heads up! Also worth checking is for sure…

  • Daniel

    Mine may not be one of the top 14, but it is still pretty useful dtsn.

    Great Article, I always need more feeds to add to me OPML file.

  • neil

    some great web resources thanks!

  • Jacob Cass

    Thank you for the listing of Just Creative Design! Amongst great company!

  • Lennart

    Nice list but what’s about smashingmagazine?

  • Ronald

    nice compilation Henry!!!.you can also check for some interesting things.

  • Dave Child

    Great resource list – I’d not seen WebDesignWall before and that looks brilliant, as does Devlounge and Vandelay.

  • Steven Snell

    Thanks for the mention Henry. I would second the recommendation for NETTUTS, but I agree with all of your selections.

  • Frederik

    Thanks, I only knew one of them. Very useful!

  • Henry

    @Lennart – I mentioned in the second paragraph that I intentionally left out Smashing Magazine. I think it is an amazing site, but feel that most people already know about it.

  • Thomas

    Great Selection Thanks, DevLounge is the only one that I din’t read :)

  • liam

    Thanks for the support and the mention, means a lot.

  • Henry

    @liam – You’re quite welcome. Your blog is not only beautiful, but there is already lots of awesome content. Keep up the great work.

  • adelle

    Wow great list – and I really appreciate the mention! I’m with Liam on this one, it really does mean a lot and I think the design community really truly supports each other which is a great feeling.

  • Jacob Gube

    Henry – Thanks for including Six Revisions! If I were to make a list, yours would be included up there.

    I really love liam’s design, I’ve been bugging him on Twitter about it:

  • Chris Coyier

    Thanks for the shout-out =)

    I love the consistently useful stuff around here as well.

  • Sean

    Some awesome sites listed here – love sixrevisions… Suprised to see smashingmagazine not making the list as they always bring the thunder!

  • liam

    @Jacob Gube – I don’t think it really counts as bugging someone when they Smile each time they are “bugged” Thanks for the love spreading!

  • jriddick

    Always the same sites…

  • An Jay

    Another web design and development related blog is

    Anyway, the list is good.

  • aaron

    Question: When someone puts up a list like this, why don’t they put up a XML file that I can import to my reader to subscribe to all of them?

  • Miraclemart

    Hey cool list!!

    Can’t believe is not listed! it’s at least top 5!


  • Miraclemart

    Sorry.. Just saw your 2nd paragraph

  • Umut

    Thanks for including WebResourcesDepot.

    I follow & find the content in Design Reviver very nice too.

  • stelt

    Does any of those have SVG?

  • erichansa

    I don’t understand.

  • Andy

    I do *NOT* second the nettuts recommendation.
    IMO, it’s a tutorial site written by noobs for noobs. I’m yet to encounter an article on nettuts that’s actually written by people that know what they’re talking about.

    As for the Woork site, I agree it’s a fun and interesting read. Although, I have a problem with that site too, namely that Antonio go about his code examples in the wrong way by not paying any attention to semantics and graceful degradation.
    I’ve tried contacting Antionio about it through the comments section but apparently he’s not too keen on constructive critisism as he’s yet to accept any of the comments.

  • obagi

    I’d vote for also. One of te best out there !

  • james is a site for young web developers although i think they have just openend so not alot there yet

  • United Voices

    You forgotten two websites:

    namely and


  • Andy

    Guys, stop requesting Smashing Magazine already. Yes, it’s more than great but if you bother to RTFA, you’ll see that it says:

    “I’ve excluded big blogs like Smashing Magazine and A List Apart, since most web designers, more than likely, already follow them.”

  • Tobbi

    The Footer of is very nice.

    Great collection

  • CSS Master

    It would help if you’d include a few sentences on just why you think each of these is useful.

  • Miguel

    I’ve shared a Netvibes Universe where you can find many of the most useful sites and blogs for web designers.


  • Brad

    I’m so sick of seeing YOU DESIGN, WE XHTML IN 8 HOURS on every single “everythingyouwantedtoknoworevercouldaboutcss” ‘beautiful’ blogs.

  • Fubiz

    Excellent selection. You could include :

  • kirk

    these are perfect web design!

  • http://orkut-free-themes.blogspot.ocm sagarr

    goo css tips and i liked the bottom part of your site ie. POPULAR POST, TAGS, and About.. pLS can u tell me how to add the TAGS n POPULAR part in ma blog too [ ]… pls hlp me out..

    thank u

  • Ray

    Can’t believe you have listed Web Resources Depot instead of

  • Edo Z.

    Boring list of boring blogs without a clue about web design who blog boring lists.

  • adelaide web design

    great post ;)

  • Noura Yehia

    Thanks for including Noupe in such a great list :)

  • TheVariant

    cool, thanks heaps for posting this info, here’s another site to look at for resources

  • Jan

    great list :)

  • Lucas Perez

    I’m reading Webresourcesdepot very often, always find new stuff there and woork when there is an article but woork does not write so often – but writes great. I had been to many articles of Vandelay and noupe but others are kind of new to me.

    Added the missing ones to my RSS, thanks for this nice blogs.

  • Vhic Hufana

    Very nice collections of beautiful blogs.I myself has been a fan of vandelay designs.Cheers..

  • Mustafa Tanr?verdi

    Thank you. list very good

  • firman

    psdtuts has amazing content too

  • workout vids

    Nice collection! Actually the best flash websites blog is pretty good too

  • Ricardo

    Nice list.. Here another nice site that I vist regularly:

  • Arul

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  • David Leggett

    Fuel Your Creativity and Function are two of my personal favorites :) Thanks for the list — going to need to check out some of these!

  • Michelle Carter

    another great one –

  • Sketchee

    I agree with most all of these and read them all. There are also other great ones out there, so make sure to use Google Blog Search to look up whatever you’re looking for. I’ve found some great but little known sites that way


    thanks for the great list.

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  • Rachel
  • Laurens

    Great collection, thanks!

  • web tasar?m?

    thanks for share, i renew my bookmarks

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  • sheena

    No doubt an excellent list…but I find its always a good idea to keep looking for new blogs popping up. Its nice to get a fresh take on topics (or even stumble across new ones) every once in a while.
    Even though you may have to wade through some inferior blogs before you come across one that appeals to you.

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  • ergin

    hi good tutorials


  • selma

    thank you…

  • Pedja

    Very comprehensive list!


    Some Of my Favs. Thanks for the ones I haven’t seen :)

  • Mohd Firuz Fahmi Yusoff

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  • Svetainiu kurimas

    Even though you may have to wade through some inferior blogs before you come across one that appeals to you.

    svetainiu kurimas

  • Andres

    Thanxs for the inspiration!

  • Web Design Manchester

    Great list you’ve put together here. I know about a couple of them but some are pretty new to me, so thanks :)

  • Amy

    Great list a great resource!


  • Giles

    praise the lord :D

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  • website design

    Great list. I frequent most of these blogs regularly. Most of the authors of these blogs are the authority on the subjects they touch on. To all thanks for sharing!

  • 0uno

    tks 4 your list of helpful blogs ;)

  • Allen – Montreal Web Design

    Being a Montreal web design company, sometime we look for inspiration. We use template, but most of the time our designers come up with there own concepts.


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  • Florida Web Design

    This is a cool list. I like how you outlined the different sites. Good research there.

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  • mike

    Great list I can’t believe Outlaw wiped their slate clean and got rid of all of their awesome blog posts. Thanks for sharing.

    -chicago web design

  • Memphis Web Design

    Ha … this is perfect!!!

    I was just Googling for some new web design blogs to follow, when I found your site! The fact that you pointed me to several others that I have never seen is icing on the cake!

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    Go ahead and put it on your portfolio, sure client will find it all creative indeed.

    Congrats ;)

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    Could we image this all 15 years ago?

  • Wayne

    Thanks guys for a great selection of articles. The CSS tricks were espcially useful helping me when i was stuck. Just a couple of minor issues to sort and i should be up and running Cheers.

  • Newbie

    Excellent resource you’ve got here. Very useful and very much appreciated..

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  • Jen

    I’m glad that you didn’t include the “major” design blogs here.. In my hunt for blogs to add to my daily rotation, I’m tired of seeing recommendations for Smashing Magazine.

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    Very inspiring list. Smashing Magazine all the way!

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    Excellent list. Still think smashing magazine is the best by far though :)

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