Color plays an important role in the way we communicate with each other. Color not only helps give a design visual beauty, but it can also make a person react or feel a certain way. This feeling may be on a subconscious level, but it could affect the way that person thinks about a product or service. That’s why it is so important to choose the right palette when creating a new design. Here are some resources and tools to help you choose that perfect color palette


COLOURlovers is the ultimate resource for all things color related. It is a social site that gives people the ability to share and rate color palettes and read color related articles.


Kuler is an Adobe site that also lets you share and rate color themes, but it also gives you the ability to download and use these themes in Adobe Creative Suite.


COPASO is a tool that can be found on COLOURlovers, but since it is so robust, I wanted to include it separately. It includes features such as a scratch pad to save colors and a photo color extraction tool.


Color Jack is an advanced set of tools for choosing color schemes.


The ColorBurn is a simple widget that provides daily color palette inspiration.


ColorSchemer’s online tool allows you to enter a Hex value and in return, it give you a matching color palette.


Color Blender returns a blended color scheme based to two color value inputs.

Color Wizard

Color Wizard returns a scheme based on a submitted color.


ColourMod is a dashboard widget that give you and easy way to pick and convert color values.


ColorZilla is a Firefox extension that allows you to determine the color value of any point in your browser. It also gives you the ability to measure distance between two points and get various information about DOM elements.

  • Tanny O’Haley

    I would also suggest Cameron Adams’ Technicolor page.

    It allows you to select a primary color, the gives you a color palette with a web page mockup widget that allows you to play with were you want the colors to appear on the web page.

    I find it highly useful.

  • Henry

    @Tanny – Thanks for pointing this one out. It looks like a very useful tool.

  • Max | Design Shard

    i use kuler alot the downloadable swatches are good , but not really looked for any others good collection to look through.

    Max | Design Shard

  • dZine

    Very handy, thanx!

  • pickupjojo

    ColorZilla is the best tool you could have on Firefox. :)

  • United Voices

    Gosh, i just had 3 of the above websites in my list. I will surely checkout the other websites listed above. thanks.

  • CoryMathews

    Excellent post. First one of these color resource posts to show me sites I had not used before. Previously I have liked adobes color studio best but not really all the happy with it. Thanks.

  • Sangesh

    I’m a fan of COLOURlovers and i love the ColorZilla pluggin for firefox.

  • Michael Fairbairn Cordova

    Thank you for the helpful information. I am looking forward to using your helpful advice.

  • Andreas Dantz

    I just know two of the above. Thanks for the great post. I’ll check out the other sites as well.

  • Bold Lentil

    Of course a good “off-line” option is the Color Thesaurus:

    It’s got hundreds of color names and corresponding RGB values all in one place. I’ve been using it recently and found it pretty handy.

    Nice post.

  • Craig Farrall

    I use Kuler I do, but some here I have never heard of, I am definately bookmarking this page.

  • liam

    Nice stuff, plenty of sites here I’ve not come across yet, will definitely check them out.

  • Amuki

    Nice post!!!
    Here other compilation.
    Color palette

  • David Yeiser

    I like EasyRGB for finding additional colors once I’ve selected at least one.

  • Simon

    What a great set of resources, thanks for sharing

    This flickr searcher finds images based on the colours you select, the results are pretty stunning –,842db8;

  • Will Sherwood

    I find your posts full of useful information and terrific tips. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Muhamad Sidik Permana

    keren banget kang, cool thanks

  • Ovi Dogar

    Wow…this is definitely a great post!

    Keep up the great work! ;)

    Ovi Dogar

  • bk

    thanks ..

  • Jad Graphics

    Some great color resources here.

    I will definitely use these. While we are already on the subject of color, what do you guys think about the colors that I use on my website,

  • Patricia

    Excellent guide! I had just discovered ColourLovers and it rocks! They also have beautiful patterns to download or to create your own.

  • web designers

    Thanks for these, we will definitely be using them

  • Jake Rocheleau

    Was Googling for some color scheme help and ran into this site, awesome resource. Thanks!

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  • Belle Oladeji

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  • Owen Lawman

    Thanks for a great list. I use ‘Kula’ for almost all design origination.