When starting a new web deisgn project, and your creative juices aren’t quite flowing and you’ve hit the design brick wall, its time to seek out some inspiration. In todays news we have some amazing examples of web designs and hopefully we can get those creative juices flowing again.

10 Super-Simple Web Designs

10 Super-Simple Web Designs

If you like your web sites with lots of white space and were the content is allowed to breathe, this is the post for you. The author has compiled an impressive list of (ultra) minimal web designs, for us to drool over.

10 Super-Simple Web Designs

30 Inspirational Portfolios With A Twist

30 Fresh and Inspirational Portfolios With A Twist

This inspirational selection of web designs from, Smashing Magazine, offer a selection of portfolios that describe a studio or a freelancer with a unique personality. All the sites are unique, and all offer something different. Nice selection.

30 Fresh and Inspirational Portfolios With A Twist

33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials

33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials

If the two news items above don’t give you inspiration, how about some new Photoshop web layout tutorials. Most of the tutorials are of the highest quality and the layouts meet the latest in web designs trends.

33 Newly Fresh Web Design Layout Tutorials

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