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One of the most unique and extremely useful features of WordPress is its rich plug-in architecture, which makes it easy for everyone to add extra functionalities to the core installation. WordPress currently has a large database of 33k+ plug-ins, and hacks each of which lets users do something wonderful they’ve never imagined. Below is an exhaustively researched list of best WordPress plug-ins of 2014. Each one of them is super great, but I suggest you to use the one that fits perfectly to your specific needs.
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Picture this, you have less than 24 hours to finish a huge project, you sit down to get started and stare at the screen just waiting for the creativity to start flowing from your fingertips. And then it hits you designers block, no matter what you do, nothing will get the juices running, the more you stare at the screen the less creative you feel. In this article we have compiled some suggestions for getting past designers block.

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As a graphic design business owner, cash flow is your lifeline. It’s the equivalent of the caloric intake for your body. A proper balance of in and out is needed to avoid getting yourself into financial trouble. Treating your income like fuel for your business is the key to getting to a proper income balance. Just as with many things, too much going in or coming out can be a sign of trouble.

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So how does a designer, or a photographer, or a painter  go about setting up an online store? Does he build a website from scratch and start the business through a standalone website? If the user has enough capital to hire a developer or a small studio, he can go ahead and splash it to create an advanced eommerce website. But, what if they don’t have a budget for this? How do they go about selling thier works online without having to spend so much on the website? That is where Shopify comes into the picture.  

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Whether you are a web designer or a photographer you know that showcasing your work is one of the most important aspects of your work. Many designers have their own portfolio website, however many make simple mistakes that hurt their chances of getting new clients. In this article we present some secrets to creating an awesome portfolio page.

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Almost all websites have these, yes we are talking about headers, there is nothing more important than making sure your website header is beautiful. You need to remember that often the header is the first part of the website that your visitors will see. In this article we mention five tips for making a beautiful website header. If you feel we have forgotten any feel free to let us know.

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