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I came across a useful post the other day (you can read here), which was informative and eye opening about something we designers don’t often consider when creating a new site – and that is the speed the site loads. It’s an easy assumption to make that because broadband and crazy fast fibre is everywhere these days is that all sites will load quickly regardless. However this post points out that is in fact not the case and that the overall speed of your visitor’s internet connection doesn’t actually help too much.

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After waking in the morning most of us head straight to the bathroom. When we come home from work we often like to relax with a shower. The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, and its design should reflect this with a calm and relaxing décor. Having a beautiful bathroom design can also make your guests feel welcome, and should portray strong interior decoration features to reflect who you are as a person.

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Over the last few years we have seen many of our colleagues in the web and design industry start producing their own products and selling them online. From magazines and books to icons, posters and t-shirts — lots of us are taking advantage of easy to use online ecommerce platforms.

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There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designed icon sets on the web, and recent trend reports have confirmed that they’re only increasing in popularity. Everyone seems to be designing flat icons sets, but its hard to find ones of quality. I have spent the time to go through hundreds of icons sets to find you the 10 must have flat icon sets. Enjoy!

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This week is all about food, Monday we showed you that food can also be beautiful art, today we have compiled 16 amazing food inspired web designs. Even though the taste of the food doesn’t transform onto a website your web design should still look appealing otherwise people will never decide to visit your restaurant. We hope you will enjoy these websites as much as we did.

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